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A SOLID LinkedIn personal brand is your ticket to Professional Success.

Let us analyse your profile and provide you with the gaps and next steps.


But, you may be STRUGGLING with...

A weak LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile acts as your personal landing page and is the first element professionals notice. An incomplete profile can give the impression of non-engagement and lack of seriousness in business. Essential components such as a banner, headshot, headline, About Section summary, and work experience are crucial for a compelling presence.

No content strategy

Lacking a targeted content strategy aligned with your goals is a setup for failure. A well-defined strategy not only helps achieve your objectives but also saves time and provides clear direction

Poor Content Quality

Content on LinkedIn showcases your expertise and influences your professional image. Poorly crafted content or lacking a cohesive content strategy can lead to failure, preventing you from achieving your goals and seizing the opportunities LinkedIn offers

Lack of branding

Your brand matters on LinkedIn. Which means, the way you present yourself through photos. graphics and your written content. All of this combined helps communicate and even define your personal brand. Missing out on this aspect will not help you set yourself apart from the crowd.

A LinkedIn Profile and content analysis will help you understand these gaps.

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Drijesh, Program Manager

"Buzzli helped me take my LinkedIn Personal brand to the next level."

What will the LinkedIn Analysis cover?


Profile Evaluation

We will assess the effectiveness of your profile, including the banner, headline, summary, experience, and skills sections. We'll provide suggestions to enhance your professional branding and make your profile stand out.


Content Review

We will review your content and provide suggestions to improve your content strategy. We'll also provide suggestions for improving your content's engagement and reach.


Thought Leadership Analysis

We will review your profile's authority on Linkedin and gauge if it is creating an impact in your community.


Analysis of Brand Tone

We will review your messaging, style of writing and brand colours to understand the gaps that exist.

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Performance Evaluation

Assess the effectiveness of your current content.

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Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Understand what's working and what needs improvement.

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Content Optimization

Refine your posts, headlines, visuals, and messaging.

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Benefits of this analysis



Ensure your content resonates with your target audience.

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Adjust your content strategy based on findings.

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Measure progress toward your LinkedIn objectives.

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